I recently purchased (November 2012) the Solar Zenith 72 + Hour Survival Kit, which consists of two Solar Flare Solar Cookers and additional food items.
The kit arrived in perfect condition with all items accounted for. The pails, lids, cooking vessels, plastic riser cups and the greenhouse environmental bags are all fairly normal items – no surprise.

What did surprise me was the quality of the Solar Flare parabolic reflector panels. Many reflector panels I have seen, unless they are made from metal, tend to be fragile, flimsy and easily damaged. The Solar Flare parabolic reflector panels are made from a heavy gauge material and are surprisingly STIFF, which should help to maintain the correct shape for optimum solar cooking efficiency.

I would highly recommend the Solar Flare Cooking System to anyone who is looking for a high quality, high performing solar cooker that, with reasonable care, should provide many years of service. Well done!!!

Your very satisfied customer,

Prescott Valley


My new favorite way to cook! I love using the Zenith Solar cooker because it is EASY EFFICIENT and DELICIOUS. The preparation and clean up are as simple as cooking gets with no worry of burning the food or the house down. I love cooking while I run errands. The food always turns out great- never burnt or dried out. My question is “Why did it take me this long to start cooking in a jar in the sun?”



60 6th graders from Aptos Middle School in San Francisco made solar chocolate fondue using organic fair trade chocolate of course :-)

This activity was one of several focusing on harnessing energy from the sun at our off-the-grid environmental education center called the EcoCenter. The first group which started at about 10:30 am broke up chocolate bars into small rectangular pieces (3 bars and about 1/3 cup of heavy cream) and placed in the darkened ball jar that had not been preheated. It took about 40 minutes to completely melt. By the time we got to the last group, the fondue was ready in 5 minutes and the chocolate was bubbling! So we need to work out how to use the cooker better. Regardless, the kids and parents had a great time and learned to appreciate using solar thermal energy to make a tasty treat. We will keep experimenting and let you know how it goes.

Thanks again.



Awesome Product, Great Value

The Solar Zenith 72 hour kit is a vital part of my family’s emergency preparation plan.  We’ve found these cookers to be easy to use and store.  Plus, this these cookers come with a 72 hour food kit which really jump-started our food storage system.  The folks at Solar Zenith made it easy for anyone wanting to get a handle on their own emergency prep plan with a high-quality product at a low cost.  I see us buying more of these as gifts for family and newly-wed friends.



I’m a preparedness freak… I love anything that is oriented to preparation for the unknown.  When I learned about this solar cooker, studied it out, made comparisons, and found that there was nothing like it on the market.  So, I purchased one, and was totally amazed!  I was amazed at the simplicity of design and ease of use, that everything needed start cooking was included, AND that the price was cheaper than anything else out there.

I like the idea of being able to cook a meal with the sun anytime its shining… I like the fact that this little unit is small enough to fit in my backpack and I can take it anywhere.  I like that it will use the sun to help stretch out my supply of fuel for my other stoves.

I like that it came as promised, it looks sharp and professional, and like it will last for many years of continued use.

I’m as happy as a hog in slop!!!  You welcome to borrow my Solar Flare BUT YOU BETTER GIVE IT BACK!!


Prepper Guy


It works like a dream. I do not cook beans often because it takes so long. I soaked some garbanzos over night and then leave it to cook in the solar cooking system. It cooks it very nicely. The unit is very effective. I looked at others, I still like this one best. It is very affordable and as I said, very effective. I am absolutely thrilled with it. It is a like new toy, one that saves me on my monthly utility bill also.



Unique package deal at a good price.

Robert M.


Nothing beats putting your dinner out in the sun to cook while you are away having fun with your children or even shopping.  When you return, dinner is ready and delicious.  Very little fuss and easy clean up.  The best part is that the Solar Flare is inexpensive and cooks perfectly.  We love to take it camping too.  Easy to carry in our backpack.



I would like you to know about a new solar technology I discovered as a prepper. The 4 reasons for which I really like this product are in order as follows: #1. It works! #2 The price. #3 The size. & #4. Easy clean up. What I really like about this new technology is that it will fit in a 72 hour kit and that I bought 6 for the price of their competition. Gave away 4 to my married kids for Christmas. I Own a Global sun oven and have no regrets but when I use it, I always wish I had an extra one. Kind of like 2 burners on a stove top. It’s always been cost prohibitive until I discovered the Parabolic cooker about a year ago. I now have 2 extras of that product and have used them often in my practicing of prepping skills.

Reg McDaniel