Survival Preparedness Guide – Air

Survival Preparedness Guide – Air: If the air is contaminated with organic dust you will need NIOSH-Approved N95 disposable respirator masks, which are designed to filter at least 95% of airborne particles. These masks are available at hardware stores, mass merchandise warehouses or online, for pennies per unit. They come […]



Survival Preparedness Guide – Water

Survival Preparedness Guide – Water WATER: Humans can live for days or even weeks without food but no one survives past 4 or 5 days without water. Living on very short rations, an “average” person can survive on one gallon of water, for replacement of normal activity loss, per day. At that […]

Survival Preparedness Guide – Intro

There is oodles of information out there regarding Emergency Preparedness and Survival.  The more we know the better we are prepared.  They say knowledge is power!   Over the next few weeks we will be sharing portions from a Survival Preparedness Guide written by Luke Lichterman.  Survival Preparedness Guide INTRODUCTION: Survival preparedness […]

Emergency Guide

Flower Pot and Tea Light Heater

How to heat a room for $.15 a day

A few tea lights and a couple of flower pots can have a room toasty hot! How it works: the candles produce gases full of heated particles that are captured and channeled through the pots. As hot gas particles are lighter than the air, they will rise up through the top […]

Preparedness 2015 Goals

What are your 2015 preparedness goals?  Have you analyzed what your needs and wants are as a family? Many people are not sure where to begin when it comes to preparedness. Lucky for them, they have great friends like you! Use this sheet to help them know where they can begin. preparedness-checklist […]


Emergency Guide

Top 10 Emergency Survival Items

The Top 10 Emergency Survival Items are: 1. Fire-starter/Matches 2. Knife 3. Map/Compass 4. Paracord/rope 5. Mirror 6. Flares 7. First Aid Kit includes Mylar Blanket 8. Water Treatment with Stainless Steel Container 9. Food 10. Extra clothing What else do you feel is a must have in an survival kit?   […]

One is None, Two is One

One of our customers who purchased a Solar Flare Dual Parabolic Solar Cooker quoted the following phrase to us “One is none, Two is One”.  A very wise statement!  We like how one website explained what “One is None, Two is One”.  Below is an excerpt: One is None, Two is One: […]


Live for the moments

A Prepper’s Mantra: Live for the Moments

It’s easy to feel discouraged, overwhelmed, and, to be honest, afraid of how our world is changing.  We can become easily distracted from what is really important, that is our families and relationships with those we love.  In the end, that’s all we really take with us into the next life.   As part of preparing for […]

Eyeglasses and Emergency Preparedness

What do you do if your glasses break or your lose them during a natural disaster or emergency situation?  Do you have access to another pair?  There are many of us who wear eye glasses or contacts. Have you ever thought about including an extra pair in your emergency kit or […]


72 hr soup small

Solar Cooker Emergency Meal

Eating dried food may not be our first choice for a good meal, but for an emergency it is a perfect meal! The ready to eat “instant meals” that come with our 72 hour Emergency Survival Kit will ensure your family is well-fed in a disaster situation. Because our dried […]