Survival Preparedness Guide – Hunting & Defense

Survival Preparedness Guide

When you are actually in a survival situation, you will need weapons for defending your family and for providing fresh food.
There are fiscal and physical limits to how much you can make or buy and store. Even if you have enough provisions to survive the first year, how will you get through the next, and subsequent years?
Obviously, the answer is to supplement and replace your food storage by planting a Survival Garden and hunting for fresh meat.
At first, game will be relatively easy to spot and the stopping power of your ammunition will be key to your success. As time passes and game becomes more difficult to find, you will increasingly rely on the skills you had learned earlier and the long-range accuracy of your rifles.
After you have “dropped” a game animal, you may find yourself having to defend your prize from others, who will attempt to take it from you. These will be hard times and desperate people will need to be shown that you are able, and by your attitude that you are willing, to protect that which is yours.
Your stockpile of food and other survival gear will make you subject to attacks from bands of marauders who may well be neighbors who had refused to see or act upon that which was so clearly obvious to you.
These people will at first approach you as friends, seeking your help and asking for food for their families. If you help them a little, they will come back for more, forcing you to choose between feeding their families or your own.
They will become resentful and enraged by your refusal of further assistance and they will conspire with others to take what they need.
Your best defense against such attacks is the alliance formed with like-minded, trusted and reliable neighbors.

SZ Team