Survival Preparedness Guide – Make Your Stand

Survival Preparedness Guide – Make Your Stand



Natural Disasters
With the exception of hurricanes, most natural disasters will strike with little or no warning. Your family’s chances of surviving the immediate event are exactly the same, whether you have made aftermath survival preparations or not.
However, if you do have a rendezvous plan and aftermath survival gear, your family will be in a much better condition to survive until relief arrives, services are restored and commerce resumes.
The five most important things to do in this situation are:
  1. Get everyone home. If your home isn’t accessible use a predetermined secondary location.
  • Marshal your resources, retrieve your survival gear and know what you have.


  • Stay alert to further natural threats and avoid dangers like downed power lines, broken gas lines or other event-caused hazards.


  • Be wary of strangers and be helpful to friends without endangering your own survivability.


  • Decide how to proceed and act upon your decision.


Natural disasters can be and often are devastating to an entire local area, while leaving surrounding regions with less severe, only minor or no damage at all. If you are forced to transit from your destroyed home to a less afflicted area, you will need mobility survival kits, (see below), and other mobility survival gear.
Man Made Disasters
Man made disasters develop over a period of months or years, and progress along historically predictable pathways. Anyone with even a basic knowledge of history and the ability to glean the kernels of truth buried deep within biased, agenda driven “news” reports, will be able to see man made disasters coming.
You have historical perspective, the ability to read between the lines and the intelligence to plan for survival through what might be a long, dangerous and reformative man made aftermath.
Before you can make your plan, you must decide where you’re going to make your stand.
SZ Team