Survival Preparedness Guide – Intro

There is oodles of information out there regarding Emergency Preparedness and Survival.  The more we know the better we are prepared.  They say knowledge is power!   Over the next few weeks we will be sharing portions from a Survival Preparedness Guide written by Luke Lichterman. 

Survival Preparedness Guide
Survival preparedness is all the same for any disaster aftermath. Being prepared is nothing more than providing that which you know your family needs to support survival for some period of time. Please consider our Free Emergency Preparedness Plan as a gift to you and your family!
Natural disasters: Although often deadly and destructive, natural disasters tend to be short-term events; one to three days for the event itself and several to many days or weeks before relief arrives, commerce resumes and the victims can begin the recovery process.
Man made disasters: Economic collapse, war or an EMPattack are much more deadly and destructive than natural disasters and their aftermaths can persist for months, years or even decades. Relief may not arrive until much too late, if at all, and may be available only to those who hold the “correct” political positions.
Disaster within a disaster: A major natural disaster strikes in the midst of a long man made-aftermath, and due to the pre-existing situation, relief and resumption of commerce becomes even more unlikely.
Whether it’s as mundane as a hurricane, or as exotic as an EMP attack, being prepared does NOT guarantee survival, however, those who are prepared to survive at least the first year, stand a greater chance of surviving beyond that year, than those who either under-prepared or did not prepare at all.
Choosing to prepare your family for survival can be complex and expensive, but it can be simplified and made more affordable by following this guide.