Survival Preparedness Guide – Food Storage (Make or Buy)

Survival Preparedness Guide – Food Storage

FOOD STORAGE, (Make or Buy?):


This is about getting you prepared to survive through the aftermath of a natural or man made disaster. This is NOT about getting you involved in an expensive and time consuming new hobby called “Prepping.”
There are dozens, perhaps hundreds, of websites (4) and blogs which go into infinitesimal detail about how many cups of some ingredient are needed to make “X’ quantity of something which then needs to be stored in some kind of container, for some period of time, before it’s even needed.
When you look at the amount of food your family will need for even three months, let alone the amount needed for a full year, the practicality of doing it yourself becomes highly problematic.
Not only would the cost of food, purchased piecemeal in small quantities be astronomical, when you add: Energy costs for cooking, jars and containers for canning, purchase prices for dehydrator and vacuum packaging machinery and supplies, miscellaneous other kitchen equipment and the value of your time, it becomes apparent that doing it yourself is simply not cost effective.
Beyond the upside-down economics of DIY, there are the questions of durability, longevity and safety of home packaged foods over as few as 10-years. On the other hand, most professionally packaged long-term bulk foods have shelf lives up to 25-years, with per day costs for 3 servings of food for 4 adults or 2 adults and 4 children for 12 months as low as $1.50 per person.
Whether you make it your self or buy it, “More is better than less,” is true for a couple of reasons: First, you don’t want to see your family run out of food before relief arrives, commerce resumes or your first year survival garden is ready for harvest.
The second reason is that, along with ammunition and tobacco, there will be no commodity in greater demand for barter than food, especially if it’s packaged in small, unbreakable Mylar pouches. Those folks who had stockpiled gold, or have other hard goods you may need will be eager to trade handsomely for even a small amount of your good food.
In addition to having your own food you should be working in-community with like-minded neighbors who are also prepared; for aid, assistance and mutual defense. A large stockpile of food guarantees that your family will be in an advantageous position within any alliance you join.
SZ Team