Survival Preparedness Guide – Food Storage (Long or Short)

Survival Preparedness Guide – Food Storage

FOOD STORAGE, (Long-Term or Short-Term?):


The food you eat gets from the farm to your table, by moving from link to link along the “food supply chain,” which is a highly complex, delicately balanced and extremely fragile logistics system.
Any international or national event, which causes the breakage of one or more links of the chain will disrupt food deliveries to stores, leaving you with little or nothing to eat, and at the mercy of anyone with morsels to sell at extortionate prices.
To protect your family and to keep them well fed and healthy, you need to begin storing food now for later, when the food supply chain is disrupted and food is no longer available or affordable.
You know the size of your family and how much food they consume every month, so you already have data to use in deciding your food storage requirements, but keep in mind that more is always better than less.
The decision about how many months to prepare for is yours to make, and there is no “right” answer. There is no way of knowing how long any disaster aftermath will last, but being prepared for a short term 30-day natural disaster aftermath is a good place to start, until you wake up on the thirty-first day of a manmade aftermath. At that moment, you’re going to wish that you had made long-term survival preparations.
Surviving through a long term man made aftermath means being able to make it through at least, the first, most dangerous and challenging year with some remaining food to use for barter; seeds and implements for a survival garden, guns and ammunition for hunting and defense and tools and plans for building the rest of your life.
Getting ready for that first year is going to take determination, planning, time and money. You’re going to be forced to decide which preparations you can make for yourself and then actually begin making them. You must also make buying decisions for the things you can’t make or which might be more cost effective to buy.

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