Survival Preparedness Guide – Assessing Options

Survival Preparedness Guide – Assessing Options

Assessing Your Options
Your decision must be based upon the conclusions you reach after conducting a clear-headed, in-depth assessment of the defensible sustainability of your primary residence and/or any optional fallback redoubt.
Your assessment must consider at least these factors:
  1. Is the physical site on high ground with dominant and clear lines of sight/fields of fire extending to all approaches?
  • Is the building visible from nearby roads and if so, can it be made to appear poor and uninviting?


  • Is there vegetation too dense for you to see into, which attackers could use to approach unseen?


  • Are the roof and siding made of fireproof materials such as metal, tile, slate or a modern fire resistant composite?


  • Are the outside walls impenetrable to small arms fire, (Brick, stucco over concrete block etc.), or can an interior secure room and firing positions be armored, by installing steel plate?


  • Can the windows be covered with bullet resistant steel shutters with horizontal/vertical firing slits and are the areas to the sides and below the windows lined with steel?


  • Is there a secure storage room(s) such as a basement or attached garage for warehousing bulk foods and other survival gear?


  • Is the water wellhead located INSIDE the building or is there a rainwater cistern or tanks and installed or available water purification equipment?


  • Are there solar panels and/or a diesel generator with a large capacity underground (#2 heating oil) tank?


  •  Is there acreage available and suitable for planting a Survival Garden?


  •  Is there running water for laundry, crop irrigation and stock watering?


  •  Are there enough trees to supply firewood for heat and cooking?


  •  Are there neighbors with whom you can form mutual aid and defense alliances?


  •  Are there neighbors against whom you think/know you will be forced to defend?


  •  Is there a hidden doorway leading to a well-disguised escape route which can be used as a last resort?


There will be many more items to consider but in the end it will be your decision alone and only time will tell if you were right or wrong. This is survival and there are no guarantees.

SZ Team