You are stronger than you think you are

I think part of preparing for the future is realizing that we are stronger than we seem!  Sometimes we do things out of fear, we let it control us.  You’ve heard stories of people in crazy, difficult and scary situations rising to the occasion to save a life or lifting something that seemed impossible to do.  I truly believe we don’t know how capable and strong we are.

Two simple strategies for unlocking your own strength

  1. Remember: Make a list of all of the times you were strong: illness, loss, heartbreak, difficult conversations, childbirth, change,  31 minutes of ego eradicator, letting the cookie tray at the staff meeting pass you by, etc.  Nothing is too small for your list!  Any and everything that made you feel strong belongs on the list.  Now commit to reading this list for the next 30 days.  This daily reminder of the ways you’ve already demonstrated that you are strong will begin to reprogram your default reaction and remind you just how strong you really are.

  2. Decide: You are as strong as you think you are.  Decide that you are strong enough.  The decision that you can handle it will allow you to handle it.  And it probably won’t be as hard as you first imagined.  Use the mantra “I am strong”, silently repeat it when you are faced with a challenge or fear, and look yourself in the mirror each morning and say it out loud.