Peace and Happiness

What makes you happy?! I sure know what makes me happy–fresh air, being active, eating well, being with my family, traveling, music, learning new things, meeting people….the list is endless. I’m sure you have a million things you could list as well that truly make you feel alive, inspired and genuinely happy; but how often do you write down or share your happy moments? A happy experience is quadrupled when you have someone to do it with, or hear about your moment.

When we eat better, move stronger and feel more confident, we are naturally happier. Doing key strength moves and eating foods that give us energy and stamina, makes a huge difference in our well-being.  This is true for me! 

Keeping a gratitude journal really does affect our mood and inspires us to become a better person, stay true to ourselves and to BE HAPPY as much as we possibly can! I’ve tried to incorporate a gratitude journal in my life now.  It ‘s help put life into perspective and point out that there really is good in the world, even though scary things are happening.  I’ve included in our emergency supply a couple of small notebooks and pens we can use as a journal should hard times come.