One is None, Two is One

One of our customers who purchased a Solar Flare Dual Parabolic Solar Cooker quoted the following phrase to us “One is none, Two is One”.  A very wise statement! 

We like how one website explained what “One is None, Two is One”.  Below is an excerpt:

One is None, Two is One: How Redundancies Increase Your Antifragility

The word “redundant” typically has a negative association in our culture. It means something that is needlessly repeated, and thus superfluous.

But in engineering, redundancies are often intentionally built into a system. By duplicating critical components, if one piece fails, the other can act as a back-up and keep the machine functioning. Think of the lives saved because airplanes have redundant everything – spark plugs, fuel pumps, even engines (aircraft can often easily fly with just one working engine).

These kinds of redundancies are also built into the human body. As philosopher Nassim Taleb observes, “We humans have two kidneys…extra spare parts, and extra capacity in many, many things (say, lungs, neural system, arterial apparatus)… Layers of redundancy are the central risk management property of natural systems.”

Intentionally cultivating some redundancy can make us more antifragile. Resilient people meet a challenge and bounce back to where they were before. Someone who is antifragile, on the other hand, is able to use setbacks as a springboard to even greater strength. When things, and people, are falling apart, the antifragile are able not just to survive, but thrive.

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SZ Team