The Noah Scenario

We are getting close to what some are calling “The Noah Scenario”.  Last month was the wettest January in Britain since records began in 1767 and so far this month has been no different.

It’s unlikely that these floods will be the last such catastrophe, or the worst.  Scientists are expecting larger and more frequent extreme weather events throughout the coming century – not just wind and rain, but droughts as well. Weather the only danger: pandemic flu, nuclear weapons, antibiotic resistance, environmental catastrophe and chronic food shortages could also offer threats.  You might not panic yet, but you might decide it’s time to join the “preppers” – people who are secretly preparing to abandon modern life when the apocalypse, in whatever form, does arrive.

When disaster hits, do I leave my home?  “It would be the last resort for me,” says Steve, a 57-year-old prepper from Britian. “Some people seem to think it’s the first thing to do. The moment something happens, they grab their rucksack and off they go and live in the wild – but if you’ve ever tried that, it really isn’t easy. Where I am at the moment, I probably have enough provisions to survive for about nine months. That doesn’t include going out and getting your own food.”

However, when the moment comes you may not have much warning, so it is important to keep what preppers call a “bug-out bag” ready at all times. Ideally, you’d leave at night, so you aren’t followed. “The idea behind leaving your home is to get away from danger,” Steve explains, “which means getting away from everybody and going under the radar, off-grid, so you can’t be found – then just survive for however long is needed before you can come back to civilization.”

What are you doing to be prepared?

From the Guardian

SZ Team