Why You Need One

The unexpected can occur to any one of us.  There are natural disasters, tragic events, and financial hardships that riddle the world with desperate situations.  Being prepared is the key to tranquility in a world full of tumultuous events.  Many of our customers mention their personal story with the Solar Flare.  Some have been seeking alternate fuel sources for their emergency storage.  Some like the portable energy source for hiking and camping. Most agree that this is a necessity in case of an emergency. 

One owner of the Solar Flare mentioned how their sister’s family was caught in the devastation related to Hurricane Sandy.  The storm was just part of the pain.  Store shelves were emptied days before the storm and were not restocked for weeks.  Those that had food and water in storage were able to survive but many were low on fuel and fire starters like matches.  At that time she felt that a Solar Flare would have been invaluable.