We like to use the word PEACE when describing the Solar Flare.  The Solar Flare is Portable, Efficient, Affordable, Capable and Easy to Use.   It gives you the peace of mind. 

Compact, lightweight and designed to fit in a backpack.  Weighing less than 4 pounds, and that includes the box that is comes in, it can be transported easily.  Perfect for an emergency.

Affordable emergency insurance.  The Solar Flarewon’t break the bank if you just want the peace of mind knowing you have an alternative fuel source to prepare food and water.  You can just store it and not use it!

The Solar Flare is a great companion to other solar cookers out there.  While one solar cooker is cooking a main dish another can prepare a side dish or pasteurize water.

Easy to store.  The Solar Flare is a compact system that doesn’t require much space to store.

Easy to use.  It takes about minute to set the Solar Flare up.  Put the food in the cooking vessel, then place it in the Solar Flare reflector.  Then aim the funnel shaped Reflector towards the sun, then come back in 45 minutes to an hour to check if the food is done.  Requires no more than one adjustment during cooking to track with the sun’s rays.  We recommend checking the food after 45 minutes to an hour.  By that time the food is done or nearly done and the reflector may need adjustment.  Cooks a meal in about an hour and Pasteurizes water in less than an hour

Efficient: Prepares up to 3 meals a day per cooker

Complete System.  There is no additional components needed to be purchased.  It contains multi-use components that make eating, drinking, washing, and storage easy.  The components reliable and easy to find to help keep the cost down.

SZ Team