Diaster Supply Kit

We never know when a disaster may hit us!  It could be an earthquake, flood, hurricane, the list goes one.  Are you prepared for the unexpected?

Planning Your Own Disaster Supplies Kit by answering the questions below:

  1. How many people are in your family?
  2. Water:    You need a 3-day supply.   Each person needs 1 gallon per day.  How many gallons will your family need?
  • _____ People X 3 = ______ gallons of water
  • Food:   You need a 3-day supply of canned foods.  What are some foods you might put in your supply kit?
  • Medicine and supplies for your First Aid Kit
  • How will you listen to the news for weather updates and official instructions?
  • If the power goes out, what will you use to see in the dark?
  • What will you need to open cans of food?
  • SZ Team