Multifunctional Solar Flare Solar Cooker

When preparing your emergency supply, don’t forget cooking supplies!   In addition to food and water, you’ll also need cooking supplies cups, bowls, plates, utensils, can openers, pots, and pans etc. to prepare your food.  We should not overlook these in emergency situations.

Many survival situations will require boiling water either to make it safe for drinking or for cooking.
Having proper cooking supplies are critical for surviving natural disasters and emergency situations.

The Solar Flare Parabolic Solar Cooker is a complete cooking system.  The various components are designed for multiple uses besides their intended use. 

Pail:  Designed to support the Reflector Funnel and hold all the components of the Solar Flare.  It can be used to collect water, wash vegetables and dishes, eat from, the lid can be used as a plate, etc.

Riser Cup:  Designed to support the Cooking Vessel and smaller components, but it can also be used to eat and drink from.

Reflector:  The Reflector can also be used as an emergency signaling device.

72 Hour:  The 72 Hour Emergency Survival Kit includes TWO Solar Flare Cookers, spoons, and 40 servings of food.  You have everything need to cook, eat and serve food.  It all comes in one box!
SZ Team