Extending Farther

Have you ever needed to make a meal go father and be more filling? 

In the 72 Hour Emergency Survival kit we offer includes 2 complete Solar Flare Parabolic Solar Cookers PLUS 40 servings of food. 

There are 4 different meal packages that come with the Emergency Survival Kit.  Each packages comes in a waterproof, re-sealable durable metalized plastic packet with both a nitrogen flush and an oxygen absorption packet to protect the food and provide up to 20 years shelf-life.  Each packet contains 10 servings of food with instructions on how to prepare as well as a nutrition label.  Each kit also includes 4 teaspoon size heavy duty plastic spoons that can be used to measure serving sizes.   Four heaping teaspoons equal a one cup serving.

Please note:  Our meals are designed to provide the best quality product with the highest caloric count for the money, and it is designed for emergency type use.  Even though the shelf-life is noted 20 years, with proper care and storage, we suggest that all dried food be rotated every few years to ensure freshness.

The 4 different types of meals provided in the 72 Hour Emergency Survival Kit are:

1.  Red Beans and Rice
2.  Vegetable Chicken Stew
3.  Vegetable Beef Stew
4.  Hearty Potato Soup

Use your food storage staples you can extend a meal and make them more filling. Try using

  • Wheat
  • Rice – brown or white
  • Flour
  • Oats
  • Pasta, Noodles, etc
  • Beans: Pinto, Black, White

A few examples of how to use your staples:

1.  Serving the soups and stews over cooked rice.  It becomes like a sauce!
2.  Serving the soups and stews over cooked potatoes or yams.  Again another sauce!
2.  Adding cooked beans
3.  Adding cooked wheat berries
4.  Adding cooked pasta/noodles
5.  Serving the soups and stews over pasta/noodles. 
6.  Adding oats to soups and stews
7.  Make dumplings to add to soups.  In a bowl, mix a little water and flour to make a soft dough.  Drop small pieces into a hot soup or stew.  Cover and cook an additional 15 minutes then serve.

These options increase the fiber and protein within each serving.  Fiber takes longer to digest and is a great filler.  Not to mention keeping us regular!