Clean Water

The scarcity of clean drinking water being available when a disaster occurs will probably be high.  Tap water may be contaminated so our ability to store and filter our own water is a must.

We can use water storage containers and barrels to store water for emergencies. Water filter and purification products are necessary to guarantee we will have clean and safe water in times of emergency.  Including a Solar Flare Solar Cooker as part of our emergency program ensures one method of purifying water.  Utah State University Department of Food Science verified that after pasteurization and the sealing of the lid, water can be stored for long periods of time… as long the seal is not broken.  Using a Solar Flare, we can make our own bottled water!

Our bodies use water for digestion, transporting nutrients, building tissue, removing waste, and regulating body temperature, among other things. Without safe water in an emergency situation we run the risk of becoming sick or possibly not surviving.

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SZ Team