Travel Security

The other day I was speaking with someone about the Solar Flare and was reminded of a sad incident that happened a year ago or so.  On the news there was an all-out search for an elderly couple who had gone on a drive into the deserts west of Salt Lake City, UT.  These areas comprise many square miles, areas larger than some States, and they are honeycombed with countless dirt roads that wander every direction.  In the Summertime, driving these dirt roads with SUV’s, ATV’s and motorcycles is a blast; but in the winter they can be deadly because one can be lost and stranded very easily.  It’s easy to find yourself hundreds of miles from civilization in a matter of a few hours.

During their drive, this elderly couple became stranded in the snow.  They were stuck, without communication for several days, eating what they had brought with them.  Soon their provisions were near gone and they became desperate.   The man decided to try to walk back following the road in hopes of finding someone who could help them.  He assured her that all would be well, then he trudged off through the snow.  Searchers found him later frozen to death.  She was still alive after two weeks of searching having exhausted everything edible the car.

This experience made me think of the Solar Flare and how it might have made life a little easier for both of them if they would have had a Solar Flare 72 Hour Emergency Kit in their trunk.  They would have had a way to scoop up snow and pasteurize it for all the safe drinking water they would need.  In addition to what they brought with them, they would have had 40 Servings of food with them in 4 re-sealable packets.  Food that will last up to 25 years or more.  With the snow they would have easily made enough safe water necessary to prepare the servings of food.

One of the reasons that it took so long to find their vehicle was because of where they were stranded –  under some trees that hid them from view.  Another one of the “Multi-Use” features of the Solar Flare is the Reflector.  It can also be used as a huge Signal Mirror in an emergency.  So…The couple would have been able to signal the airplanes flying the area searching for them with a huge reflective mirror.  A 20” by 40” mirror will bring a lot of attention. 

The moral to this story is to always pack a little security when you travel… the Solar Flare is a good choice!

SZ Team