Solar Cooker Water Pasteurization

How to pasteurize water using the Solar Flare Parabolic Funnel Solar Cooker

  1. Wash Cooking Vessel and two-piece lid completely with soap and water when possible. 
  2. Fill Cooking Vessel with water leaving 1-inch head space from the top or fill to edge of coating.
  3. Twist two-piece lid “finger tight” (only tighten lid to a slight snug not wrenching it tight).  This will allow steam and pressure to escape when necessary. 
  4. Place Cooking Vessel inside Environmental Bag
  5. Inflate Environmental Bag by blowing a puff to two of air into the Bag, then tie off using twist tie
  6. Place Bag and Cooking Vessel inside funnel, on top of plastic Riser Cup.  The Riser Cup is designed to elevate the Cooking Vessel to the exact height for maximum exposure from the Sun’s rays.
  7. Heat water to 165 degrees F or  65 degrees C for 10 minutes. 
  • Pasteurization takes place instantly when liquid is heated to 180 degrees F or 82 degrees C, or higher
  • We use a common stem cooking thermometer to test the water temperature.

The average time it takes to pasteurize water in a Solar Flare Solar Cooker 1-quart Cooking Vessel is 30-45 minutes on a normal sunny day (when the sun is high in the sky).  We always recommend testing the temperature with a stem cooking thermometer to be certain.  You may find that you are able to pasteurize water in your area quicker.

One AWESOME feature of the Solar Flare is that the Cooking Vessel will seal as it begins to cool.  Utah State University Department of Food Science verified that after pasteurization and the sealing of the lid, water can be stored for long periods of time… as long the seal is not broken.  You can make your own bottled water!

Disclaimer:  As a reminder – although the Solar Flare Cooking Vessel will seal the lid, we cannot recommend using the Solar Flare as a method to preserve food. If you choose to use the Solar Flare as a preservation method for food it will be at your own risk.  Please visit our post on food preservation for more information.

SZ Team