Solar Flare Sets You Free

The Solar Flare sets you Free

With the Solar Flare you set it up, put your food in the cooking vessel, place the container in the Solar Flare as directed and walk away.  All you need to do next is to come back in about 45 minutes to check your food.  If the food is done, remove it and put things away.  If it is not, stir the food by gently shaking the jar and return it to the Solar Flare for more cooking time.

The Solar Flare is a different way of cooking, using it requires a little time and a little practice.  Fortunately, the Solar Flare is very simple to use and is easy to master.   

We wish you all the best as you savor your solar culinary delights with your Solar Flare.  Tell us of your success and of failures… we love to hear them all.

Solar Zenith Team