Benefits of Solar Cooking

If you ever used a solar cooker, then you’ve experienced the benefits and simplicity of using this type of cooking method.   There are many benefits to cook with a solar cooker, especially with the Solar Flare!

  • It is one of the best, most flavorful, most cost effective way to cook
  • It uses the sun’s free energy
  • It is a renewable energy source
  • It can cook food without the need for electricity, wood, petroleum or other fuels
  • It can pasteurize liquids (water and milk) safely in minutes for safe drinking, preventing many diseases
  • It saves trees, other resources, and our environment
  • It eliminates air pollution and breathing harmful smoke while cooking
  • It can cook food with little or no stirring, without burning the food
  • It will kill bacteria, viruses and pathogens in the food you cook and the liquids you drink
Solar Zenith Team
Twice as efficient at a fourth of the cost