Positive Reviews

We received an AMAZING review from one of our customers.  With Gary’s permission we thought we would share it with you.

Solar Zenith Testimonial
I recently purchased (November 2012) the Solar Zenith 72 + Hour Survival Kit, which consists of two Solar Flare Solar Cookers and additional food items.
The kit arrived in perfect condition with all items accounted for. The pails, lids, cooking vessels, plastic riser cups and the greenhouse environmental bags are all fairly normal items – no surprise.
What did surprise me was the quality of the Solar Flare parabolic reflector panels. Many reflector panels I have seen, unless they are made from metal, tend to be fragile, flimsy and easily damaged. The Solar Flare parabolic reflector panels are made from a heavy gauge material and are surprisingly STIFF, which should help to maintain the correct shape for optimum solar cooking efficiency.
I would highly recommend the Solar Flare Cooking System to anyone who is looking for a high quality, high performing solar cooker that, with reasonable care, should provide many years of service. Well done!!!
Your very satisfied customer,
Gary Travis
Prescott Valley