EMP Attack

We live in a world where technology is exploding and we’re dealing with dangers other generations never dreamed of.  I recently read an article describing what an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) would do to the US.   While I do think an EMP attack is possible, the magnitude of destruction is what I’m not sure about.

The article noted a couple of different ways an EMP could occur.  Through a powerful nuclear weapon strong enough to knock out electronics all over the country.  If this happened, I think we might all be dead from radiation exposure.   Alternatively, a massive solar storm could cause a similar phenomenon.   The article did state that militaries across the globe have been creating and testing “a directed EMP gun” where the gun takes out electronics within a limited area.

Of course, an EMP can range from a minor event to a catatrophisic one.  Worst case scenario, some say it could set the US back to the 1800’s.   That means no more cell phones, internet, heating or refrigeration, credit cards, or blogs!   It would be utter chaos for as much as a year of a massive EMP attack.  

Unfortunately,  very few of us are equipped to survive in such a environment… remember what happened with Hurricane Sandy and New Orleans, to name a few.  We have become so dependent on technology,  we can’t even get out of bed without it.  Most Americans would have no idea how to grow their own food or the space to grow it.  If we were caught in any type of problem that would restrict the transportation of good services, we would be in serious trouble in a short amount of time. We all need to prepare for those times that seem more and more a reality of happening.

I, for one, hope that we never have to experience a electromagnetic pulse that is strong enough to take out all our electronics,  whether man made or from mother nature.  But, if it did happen and all the lights went out for a good long while, what would you do?  Are you prepared?