360 Degrees

One of the AWESOME features of the Solar Flare Parabolic Solar Cooker is 360 degrees cooking.

When you look inside the funnel reflector you can see the black image of the cooking vessel reflected all the way around inside, from the top to bottom of cooking vessel.   This tells you that the sun is hitting the cooking vessel from every direction…360 degrees around and from top to bottom at the same time.  This feature speeds up cooking time and cooks the food evenly, something different from other solar cookers.

The 360 degrees cooking is also one of the reasons why the Solar Flare doesn’t require constant attention.  With the Solar Flare you set it up, put your food in the cooking vessel, place the container in the Solar Flare as directed and walk away.  All you need to do next is to come back in about 45 minutes to check your food.  If the food is done, remove it and put things away.  If it is not, stir the food by gently shaking the jar and return it to the Solar Flare for more cooking time.

SZ Team