Preparedness Groups

This note is directed to all you “Preppers” out there!

We have been approached by a large number of groups interested in emergency preparedness.   For those of you involved with community groups, churches groups, etc., or have a business relating to preparedness or outdoors; we want to talk to you!

The Solar Flare Parabolic Solar Cooker solves the problem of providing an alternative fuel source and a highly efficient method of cooking food and pasteurizing water.

The groups that have contacted us are looking for an effective and inexpensive solar cooker… one that is easy to carry and lightweight.  The Solar Flare fills the bill.  These groups have long wanted to suggest a solar cooker to their membership, but to this point  have hesitated because the costs are too high, upwards to $300+ per unit, or the solar cooker is not complete requiring additional purchases for components.  Some are too bulky, hard to handle and transport, some leave a plastic after taste in the food, and some are not effective or take too long to cook a meal.  A few of these groups have toyed with the idea of building their own solar cooker out of a cardboard box and tin foil.  So, efforts to promote solar cooking have kind of fizzled … until NOW!

The Solar Flare Parabolic Solar Cooker has caught a lot of attention since it’s introduction!  The affordability, compact and easiness of handling and the tremendous efficiency all add up to make the Solar Flare the finest solar cooker available today.  It solves the dilemma that has troubled solar cooking enthusiasts for decades.

To give you an example of it’s near instantaneous popularity… One preparedness group introduced the Solar Flare to their group, the presentation only lasted 10 or 15 minutes and people immediately started lining up to purchase one… we were told that they sold 77 Solar Flare units from their short presentation.  People are hungry for a good alternative to what has been available until now.

Brent and Emily
Solar Zenith Team