Lessons learned from Hurricane Sandy

A couple of weeks ago my husband flew to PA for work.  He arrived a few days early to spend time with his brother, who lives in NJ.  He and his brother spent their Sunday with a groups of people from all over the US helping with the clean up of Stanten Island.   It is amazing the power of mother nature.  So many people lost so much.  All over the web I’ve come across several sites and blogs written by those who’ve  learned valuable lessons from Hurricane Sandy.  I’ve compiled a list of those that stood out to me that I want to share with you. 

1. The excitement and coolness wears off around day 3
2. You are never really prepared to go weeks without power, heat, water, food etc.
3. Yes, it can happen to you!
4. If you do not have water stored up you are in trouble. A couple of cases of bottled water is NOT water storage
5. You should have as much fuel as water – Propane, Gas, Kerosene, Firewood, Firestarter, Kindling, Paper, and Solar Cooker
6. Even the smallest little thing that you can buy from a store should be stocked up (spark plugs for agenerator, BBQ lighter, etc).
7. Normal social behavior quickly goes out the window. We’re not talking about someone cutting in line at the grocery store.  Three people were killed at nearby gas stations, not fights but killings.  
8. Cash is king (all the money in savings means nothing)
9. Stored water can taste nasty.
10. You eat a lot more food when you are cold.
11.  Think about stocking things that are a comfort to you and your family.  You’ll want them by day 3. 
12. It takes a lot of firewood to keep a fire going all day and into the evening for heat.
13. All the food storage in the world means nothing if your kids won’t eat it.
14. You might be prepared to take care of your children and their needs, but what about when the neighborhood children start who show up at your door?
15. In an emergency Men stock up on food, Women stock up on toilet paper! Isn’t that the truth?  You should see my garage!
16. A lot of conveniences use electricity!
17. You can never have enough matches.
18. All of the expensive clothes in the closet mean nothing, if they don’t keep you warm.
19. Small solar charging gadgets will keep you in touch. Most work pretty well.
20. These things don’t use much power to operate  – Computers, Phones, Radios, TV, lights
21. The things that use a ton of power to operate – Fridge, Toaster, Freezer, Hot plate, Microwave
22. Nights without power can be really long, especially when it gets dark around 4:30PM.
23.  Know your home owners insurance policy.
24.  Get a firebox to store important papers.

This last lesson learned had me thinking about how I can better protect my family.

23. There was a strange peace in knowing all I had to do each day was keep my family safe, warm, and fed, but my peace was someone else’s panic.

Let’s make a resolution to prepare ourselves for the unknown!