Tri-City Preparedness Fair

Last Saturday, we demonstrated the Solar Flare Parabolic Solar Cooking System for hundreds of people who attended the Tri-City Preparedness Fair in northern Davis County, Utah, from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.  It was an fantastic day!

At the last minute Friday evening we were called and invited to attend the event.  The organizers, who were familiar with the Solar Flare, found that there was an extra table available and STRONGLY suggested that we attend.  Soooooo, we quickly dropped everything we had planned for Friday evening and Saturday and threw the necessary items together to create an amazing booth.

In fact, our booth was one of the most well attended booths of all the exhibitors there.  We had a constant stream of people stopping by to visit and learn more about the Solar Flare.  The fact was that we were swamped… we simply could not have handled any more people.

We were able to sell a number of each of the Solar Flare varieties we offer.  The Single Solar Flare Unit, the Dual Solar Flare Kit and the 72+ Hour Emergency Survival Kit… AND, we were able to develop a list of wonderful people and contacts… people and companies interested in learning more!!

We are so pleased that the Solar Flare was so very well received.  The comments we kept receiving were that the Solar Flare was so affordable than the other solar cookers offered, that it was so small and easily transportable, and that the cooking time was fast.

There were many there that represented companies that were interested in our Reseller program, which offers two pricing models.  A pass through or drop ship model and wholesale.  Several expressed interest in volume orders and discounts. 

Many were people representing groups of several hundred people actively looking for a means of cooking their stored food without having to store a boat-load of fuel.  The Solar Flare allows us to reduce the amount of fuel required to cook the food we’ve stored.  It also allows us to cook several meals on a sunny day vs. cooking one meal in one day, like all other solar cookers.

What a tremendous day we had!  Everyone received information about the Solar Flare that they can use in the future, little seeds were planted that will grow.  We appreciate everyone that helped us and all those that visited our booth.  We are thankful for your interest!!

Solar Zenith Team