Crossroads Gun Show – November

Nancy with walked up to us at our last event and said “You’re the one! I’ve been researching solar cookers for the last year and have found nothing within our price range until now.”   Nancy and her partner, Suzanne, were excited to join our reseller program and carry the Solar Flare in their product line.  There were three qualifications Plan-for-it was looking in choosing a solar cooker: price range, light enough to carry in an emergency kit and it had to work.  The Solar Flare Parabolic Solar Cooker fit the bill! supplies components to help build your own 72 hour kit.  Their mission is to help people be prepared to the best of their ability by finding and providing quality items yet allowing them to do it on a budget.  You can see how the Solar Flare would be an asset!

Last weekend we were invited to attend the Gun Show with Plan-for-it to help launch their new product, The Solar Flare Parabolic Solar Cooker.  We had hundreds of people stop by to ask questions and we passed out all the literature we had.  Of all the components that Plan-for-it offers in their 72 hour kits, we are proud to say that the Solar Flare sparked the most attention!

Solar Zenith Team